Friday, April 17, 2015

4th Grade: Mathematical Mosaic Masterpiece

Fourth graders worked hard during 3rd quarter to discover how math concepts like converting fractions, decimals, and percentages can be very important in creating a masterpiece. Students worked individually to create 10” x 10” grids and practice designing a drawing only using 1”x1” squares. Then artists worked in teams to create ideas for our Liberty Park Patriot-themed mosaic. Students collaborated on ideas, revised each other’s drawings, and worked to make our large-scale tile mosaic!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4th Grade: Assemblage Art Sculptures

"Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind."
-Louise Nevelson

Where is the "junk drawer" in your house? You know... the drawer--or maybe even the room-- where all the "I don't know what to do with this anymore" items go just like the land of misfit toys.  In the Patriot Art Room, we love using these types of things and engaging our creative minds in how to make them into art!

In looking at some of Louise Nevelson's large-scale installation pieces, we have been working on our mini-scale assemblage art sculptures using popsicle sticks and found objects from the classroom(s) and home. Finally, Miss W. used old spray paint to give a *golden* look.

Check out Louise Nevelson's biography here!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Liberty Park LOVES to Upcycle!

The Liberty Park Patriot Art Room prides itself on finding a use for almost anything donated to the art room!

What is upcycling you ask?

UPCYCLE: verb | To take something that would be thrown away and create something of higher quality like art.

Here are just a few ways we have been upcycling this year:
> We used paper towel rolls to create 3-D flowers and  3-D turkeys.

>In creating papier-mache masks, some third-grade classes used old receipts as the paper.

> To celebrate the Chinese New Years, fourth-grade classes designed their own dragon puppets only using scrap papers and leftover strings, ribbon, popicle sticks, and scrap papers.

> In learning about the great glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly, we used coffee filters and plastic water bottles to create our own collaborative sculptures!

>We used random craft items like feathers, buttons, wood chips, and more to create Louise Elhert-inpsired snow people.

> We used things found around a house to create Louise Nelvson-inspired assemblage art in 4th grade. Items included dominoes, monopoly houses, puzzle pieces, wood letters, plastic toys, broken ipod, measuring cups, dice, bottle caps, silverware, watch, and so much more!

>Matboards, scrap cardboard pieces make great trays for student work!

>Plastic lids, CDs, and cups are great for tracing too!

Anything can be upcycled! What kind of items can YOU think of that would be great to upcycle or that you have used? Comment below!