Thursday, August 7, 2014

1st Grade: C.O.R.E in Art

Focus has started at Liberty Park and our 1st graders were ready to learn! This week, the 1st Grade Art Focus group collaborated to write our collaborative book "C.O.R.E in the Art Room". We first discussed how we can show Civility, Order, Respect, & Excellence  in art. Then we picked different sight words that could be used in our writing and illustrations. Enjoy our work!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3rd Grade: My Style VERSUS Mondrian's Style

For 3rd Graders' first project, students learned about the style of Piet Mondrian and compared it to what they would consider their own style. A style is how an artists tends to use lines, colors, and shapes. In looking at the artists' works below, can you identify Piet Mondrian's style?

Friday, August 1, 2014

2nd Grade: Mondrian Compositions

Artists critiqued artwork by Piet Mondrian and discovered that all his art has a similar theme--color, line, and shape! Piet Mondrian created artwork using the primary and neutral colors. You can check out his story and Composition of Red, Yellow, and Blue here!

Second-graders applied concepts from Mondrian's artwork to create their own composition. See below for our steps!

 1.) Use a ruler to create perpendicular and parallel lines.
 2.) Add as many or as little squares and rectangles that you want.
 3.) Next, we went  over painting procedures and students used primary colors to paint inside the lines. Students had the option to use as many or as little of the colors as they wanted.
 Little artist hard at work.

 Working hard!

4.) Using cardboard, students stamped straight perpendicular and parallel lines.

 Our artwork on display!