Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1st Grade: "The Unique Link"

     It's been over a year of planning, but I'm so proud of Mrs. Latdrik, her hard work, and her amazing 1st grade writers and illustrators! Last spring, I was excited when approached about collaborating as art director for this first grade class and their BIG idea of writing their very own COLLABORATIVE book! Mrs. Latdrik, our first-grade teacher, and Mrs. Michels, our amazing literacy coach, facilitated fruitful talks with Latdrik's kiddos to  develop key characters, storyline, real-life situations for first-graders, and together, 1st graders wrote a collaborative book about a girl, Lexie, who becomes jealous of the "new girl". The story follows Lexie's struggle to try and be just like someone else before realizing that being "uniquely" yourself is most fun!

     After months of planning, visualizing, sketching, and discussing, I'm excited to finally share some key points in how our first-graders were able to grow as illustrators! Check out some of our "behind-the-scenes" shots from our unique process!
We used mannequins to draw different body language positions for the characters as well as help decide how to draw their self-portraits for the book.

 Once we voted on hair styles/bodies/general characteristics, students participated in multiple different visualization sketching activities and drew different facial expressions that related to the story that they had already written in their classroom. Artists' sketches were uploaded into the computer and specific facial expressions were "cut/pasted" to our character templates to match the pages within the story.

Example of eyes being "copy/pasted" to the character template.

In one of our read-throughs, we focused on setting. As we read through the book, we discussed and visualized where at school would be most fitting to serve as the scene for each page number.

Finally, we included our own self-portraits as well as drew different props, skunks, and other important details…. and then, TO THE PRESS!

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