Friday, March 14, 2014

1st Grade: Create Like Monet

Throughout this quarter, first-grade artists have been working on creating art inspired by the impressionistic artist Claude Monet. We have painted impressionistically for our Monet frog's lily pad home and today we experimented with oil pastels to create an impressionistic drawing. Our inspiration was Claude Monet's famous painting, The Japanese Footbridge, and we read parts of Linnea in Monet's Garden to examine how Monet's style of impressionism changed. We analyzed how the artist could draw the same thing four times and how it can look more like a photograph (realistic) or less depending how much he 'stirred' paints together.

Artists loved getting to have their artistic license to experiment how they wanted with oil pastels and practice new techniques. We even got to listen to music that Monet may have listened to (Pachelbel Canon in D). Our artists LOVED it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3rd Grade: Wayne Thiebaud Clay Cupcakes

This quarter, third graders have been busy creating art inspired by Wayne Thiebaud! Artists critiqued Thiebaud's two-dimensional paintings of desserts, sketched cupcake designs, experimented with pinch pot and coil-making techniques to create their own clay cupcakes!

ART CONNECTIONS @ HomeCheck out Feasting On Art! to bake Wayne Thiebaud-Inspired Pop Art Cupcakes with your family!

Glazing Process

 Some of the final products! There were too many DELICIOUS ones to upload! YUM!

Art Club: Printmaking and Dollies

Art Club had a great time using dollies to create artwork! They experimented with the textured rollers and other printmaking techniques. Nice work artists!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kindergarten: Japanese Mountains

This week, kindergarten artists practiced following one-step drawing instructions, watercolor painting procedure and techniques, the use of charcoal, and critiquing their artwork with their peers. Artists designed their own mountain after looking at Japanese wood printer and painter Katsushika Hokusai's   Mount Fuji.
 Some of the students' artworks!

 "I like my volcano because I made rocks exploding".
"I wanted my mountain to be happy like a rainbow".

I love how this artist said in his critique with his peers: "I wanted to make a volcano and I wanted to make it look angry". He definitely created an angry mood with his use of red and black! Great job! :)

Artist Reflection: "I like how big I made my mountain. It looks important."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bottlecap Mural: In Process

Bottlecap Mural Update!

Second graders, Life Skills, and Intensive Intervention classes have been working tirelessly on our Warren Arts and Education Foundation collaborative mural! Over the last few months, we have:
-collected bottlecaps
-sorted bottlecaps
-learned about upcycling and determined what can be upcylced, recycled, and what should just be trashed. 
-created sketches for our "Garden of Life" collaborative mural

… and now we are finally working in teams to glue their bottle caps down and they are working so fast and diligently! :) 

Two more weeks and we should be about done! Can't wait to share final more updates!