Thursday, February 13, 2014

#TBT: "Our City, Indianapolis" and "Celebrating Our Roots"

#TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Today, I thought we should highlight a Liberty Park "landmark" mural that is on display in our front lobby! As an art teacher, this has been one of my proudest moments for my artists! We got a grant through the Warren Arts and Education Foundation and the fourth-graders engaged in this legacy project in order to leave an everlasting artwork for our community to appreciate!

With interdisciplinary connections to social studies, mathematics, and geography, students learned more about why Indianapolis is a great place to live! Students learned about their community and gained a sense of pride in both their city and their collaborative art. This installation hangs in our school lobby to welcome students, parents, and visitors for years to come! Even though the fourth-graders have now moved onto the intermediate school, they have no idea how impacting their mural has been just within this new school year. Our younger artists really look up to the artistic leadership of our older students!

For the sketching phase, we discussed the geography of Indianapolis and general placements of different Indianapolis landmarks. We learned about grid drawings and the importance of how to set one up. Students got to choose a few post-it landmarks to practice sketching as well as the tile that they ended up painting.

Students working together in the early stages of tile preparations. Students had to ensure the tiles matched up correctly.

We spent an entire week of classes in each fourth-grade classes practicing landmark sketches, learning about their significances, and learning how to collaborate to bring our ideas together to create a unified mural.
Students worked in tile teams to make sure their tiles matched their buddy tiles and had to make sure that they matched colors as well. 

Work in progress. 

Fourth-grade's final product, "Our City, Indianapolis"; it is a collaborative tile mural. This project was graciously  funded by the Warren Arts and Education Foundation.  This mural proved to be a huge undertaking with even greater results and an everlasting impact for our students and our school lobby!

The Patriot Art Club engaged in this enrichment mural and focused on celebrating  the wonderful diversity that Indianapolis has to offer through different cultural landmarks as well as celebrate famous Hoosiers!

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