Thursday, February 27, 2014

KDG: Wayne Thiebaud's Gumball Machines

This week, kindergarteners critiqued Wayne Thiebaud's Gumball Machines and got to take finger painting to a whole new level (check out Let Your Hands Do The Talking blog post to see our little creative hands!). 

Our two day project was delicious! Here is the poem we read in conclusion:

25 cents is all I need; I beg of you, I plead!
Oh how yummy in my tummy;
Oh how delicious and non-nutitritious!
Can I please have a gumball, please!?

Wayne Thiebaud's Gumball Machines inspired our artwork image from

We practiced folding in half, following 1-step directions, and cutting out a symmetrical oval.


Add those gum balls!

Notice how our artists "filled the space"? We want full gum ball machines!

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