Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Pattern Stations

Patterns are everywhere! Patterns are on our clothing, on the walls, and all over in art! During this rotation, our young artists are participating in 6 different stations to experience different methods of creating patterns. Check out some of our works in progress!

At the weaving station, artists are practicing a pattern technique of weaving. Students practice moving their hands "over, under, over, under" and discussed how those words are opposite. At this station, students created a simple paper weave that we will complete at the end of the week!
 As art critics, students looked for any type of pattern or repeating shapes within artwork from different times in history. Students were then given strips of white paper so they could repeat a pattern they saw in the artworks.
 I love the "Elmer" book series and it tied in great to India's use of patterns within artwork! Students practiced a simple pattern (ex: A-B-A-B or yellow-purple-yellow) before coloring a patterned Elmer!
 In introducing radial symmetry, students were practicing putting a pattern in a circular format and got to take photographs of their works!

 At this station, students are practicing drawing a pattern and then repeating it 3 more times! We will be making a 3D collaborative mural using students' squared art. Keep on the lookout!

 Who knew you could use recycled objects to make jewelry? We used pre-cut straws to design simple jewelry!

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