Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kindergartners: I am Unique

This is by far one of my favorite lessons to do with my young artists! As beginning artists and kindergartens, the tendency is to use crayons to color one's skin with either a black or white crayon. At the beginning of class, I paint my kiddos' arms with either black or white paint. Do these colors really look like us? Are they really realistic? The answer... an astounding "Noooo, Miss W.!!!". 

The shape of our eyes, the size of our nose, and the color of our skin is unique and is what makes us special! We talk about how we are not even just a standard tone of brown, tan, or peach. We each have our own special blends of mocha, caramel, chocolate, peach, red, and bronze that match our skin tones (you get the point.:D). 

Once we got the chance to match our unique skin tones, we close read the book "Whoever You Are" by Mem Fox. What an awesome read for our artists!

Check out our "I Am Unique Self-Portraits" below! Great job kindergarten! :)

"Whoever You Are" by Mem Fox
  Our skin tone matching lesson
 "I Am Unique" Self-Portraits

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