Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Art Critiques

After a week's hard work of studio days and building on content knowledge, students love when we get a chance to have a classroom critique of our own art! Our critique motto is "Art Critics go 'hmm'". Students are encouraged to not just look at the artwork and say "I like it because it is pretty". We think about what evidence do we see in our own artwork to prove that it is pretty. Our patriot artists are learning to analyze their own works and their peers both in the art room and our school courtyard! Keep it up artists!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shape Stations in Kindergarten!

This rotation, kindergarten artists are learning that shapes and different types of lines are all around us- in the classroom, outside, and in our own artwork! We have been working through six different stations that focus on different art production skills including: experimentation with different mediums like colored pencil, crayon, oil pastel, collage, and markers, creative thinking skills, fine motor skills, and observational drawing. They have been working extremely hard in their Shape Sketchbooks!

Check out the following art websites for kids to have them practice drawing with shapes and lines:
Mr. Picasso Head
Art Pad
Color With Leo